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It all began with the release of I Want Superpowers in 2016...

I'm excited to be renaming my award-winning, bestselling novel I Want Superpowers as part of a larger rebrand. When I released the book, it was most likely to be a stand-alone. Since then, I've written two sequels (forthcoming), and what began as I Want Superpowers (now slightly edited, renamed Generation Manifestation, and being rereleased in Sept 2021) is blossoming into its own universe with greater scope.


I wanted a title that better encapsulated what the series (not just one book) is about. Generation Manifestation feels right.


Those of you who read IWSP will remember main character Caitlin Feral. As her mom puts it in Generation Manifestation (Sept 2021):


“There was no Testing Day when I was young. You’re Generation Manifestation. Pass or fail, you’re defined by your results.”


For those who have read IWSP, you can help by posting/reposting your review on Goodreads and adding to your "want to read" list.


Some book sites also now have it for presale (with more to come).


And thanks for being part of this exciting, sometimes lonely journey

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