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I liked the setting with all the genetic mutations and the political system

Review of Generation Manifestation by @justmedaydreamer

Rating: 4 🌟


After a war, genetically mutated animals roam the world. So in exchange for safety the Supergenics, people with superpowers, request that each child is tested for superpowers. Caitlin is just about to be tested the last time and dreams of being a hero to her people.

  • The story had many twists and amusing as well as tragic scenes that really hit your heart.

  • Caitlin was an okay character. I didn’t love her in the beginning, but she got better. I felt like the relationship should’ve been more fleshed out though.

  • The style was lovely, I could imagine the surroundings and felt what Caitlin went through. Some scenes were really gripping and tragic.

  • All in all I enjoyed this book a lot, it has an interesting setting and lovely characters.

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