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Welcome to the home of the Gen M young adult dystopian superhero novels by Steven Bereznai

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Destroying the world solves everything until SHE comes along. "A surprising and comedic adventure about world domination and finding love in unlikely places."--Foreword Reviews (4/5 rating)
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The Genetic Wars have left the planet an apocalyptic wreck. All it needs is one final push from mad genius Doctor BetterThan to finish the job. With his unique time abilities, he has all the power he needs to thrash pesky superheroes intent on thwarting him—and make them pay for decades of disrespect. “Triumphi!” 

But on the cusp of total victory, fellow tech maniac Mairī Lin Monroe plays her surprising hand, and sparks fly as she and her cybernetic lady-matons threaten to transcend Doctor BetterThan’s grand plan. 

"For any reader with a sense of humor and an appreciation for the glories of bone-deep geekiness, THE TIMEMATICIAN is your book." --IndieReader Reviews (5/5 rating)
Steven Bereznai is the award-winning, bestselling author of the young adult superhero series Gen M and Queeroes. He's inspired by TV shows like Buffy, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, and Lost in Space, along with books like Soon I Will Be Invincible. He's known for a style that's FAST. FUN. FIERCE. Steven lives in Toronto.
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